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It’s a Sunday afternoon in July and they’re sitting in the backyard aback Daphne tells Rob that her long-ago ex-boyfriend will be in boondocks on Wednesday. Rob is account the assessment area of the newspaper, Daphne has aloof set bottomward the arts section, and she says it off-handedly, in a way that initially gives Rob the consequence that Theo happens to be casual through St Louis.

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“Obviously, he won’t arise central the house,” she says. “I accept we’ll aloof bolt up out here.”

“If he’s actuality for dinner, I can grill.”

“We haven’t nailed bottomward the timing yet, but great. I was cerebration about if there’s anyone abroad from academy to invite, and I realised I’m the aftermost one still actuality from my acquaintance group. Isn’t that weird?”

“It’s a attestation to your stability.”

Daphne laughs. “Or my boringness. By the way, I anticipate it’d be nice if I accord Theo a hug. I achievement that’s OK with you.”

Rob, who is in a lounge armchair beyond the table from Daphne’s chair, squints at her. “It would be nice?”

“He said he hasn’t affected addition actuality for four months. He’s acutely accepting a adamantine time.”

“And that’s your responsibility?”

“Actually, yes,” Daphne says. “In the faculty that I’m a animal actuality and he’s a animal actuality and we’re all allotment of the alliance of man.”

“Hmm,” Rob says. “That’s an absorbing way to call the guy you about married.”

Daphne’s announcement is added abashed than concerned. “Are you acting like this because of annoyance or germs?”

The accuracy is that Rob is not clinically depressed. He’s doing . . . better than usual?

They accept been quarantining aback Saturday, March 14, aback they discussed it all day and absitively adjoin accessory the 50th altogether buffet for their acquaintance Leah, and that’s the aftermost date on the agenda Rob can bethink with clarity. As a freelance web designer, Rob has formed from home for added than a decade; Daphne usually goes to an appointment but has been able to do her job, which is bulk and accounting for a non-profit, remotely. At first, anybody they knew was additionally quarantining — they alive in the racially assorted and left-leaning neighbourhood of Tower Grove South — but the protests in aboriginal June seemed to breach the allowance and now they see their neighbours hosting barbecues, or comedy dates area kids go in and out of ceremony other’s houses. And these are their adolescent liberals, not the Missourians who fabricated account over Memorial day weekend by abstraction into seedy-looking resort pools a few hours away. Meanwhile, Rob and Daphne’s alone child, Olivia, who is a inferior at the University of Minnesota, has remained in the off-campus accommodation she shares with two friends, finishing her bounce classes accidentally and volunteering at a canned acceptable and childhood administration centre and, in her bottomward time, affable vegan commons that she texts photos of to Daphne and Rob because neither of them is on Instagram.

Rob has not yet answered Daphne’s catechism aback she adds, “Theo’s active if that makes you feel better. He’s not accepting on a plane.”

“He still lives in Montana?”

Daphne nods.

“And Bozeman charge be, what, 30 hours by car.” Rob pulls out his phone, checks, and aback he sees that it’s afterpiece to 20 hours, does not actual himself. “So he stops six or seven times, and I accept he affairs to break abrupt in a hotel.”

“I’m not adage it’s risk-free, but I apperceive he’s actuality abundantly careful. He’s absolutely affectionate of a hypochondriac.”

“Why is he travelling now anyway?”

Daphne shrugs. “He’s lonely.”

“Wait, he’s advancing to see you?”

“He’s activity on a alley trip. Actuality first, and on the way aback he’ll stop in Denver to appointment his cousin.”

“Hell,” Rob says in a fakely aggressive tone, “in that case, why don’t we accompany him? We could all appoint an RV together.”

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“If this reassures you, we’ll abrasion masks if we hug.”

“You’ve absolutely accustomed a lot of anticipation to this long, soulful embrace.”

“There’s annihilation adventurous about the situation. Theo is a actuality in pain.”

“Are you adage he’s suicidal?”

“If he was, would it accomplish adhering him OK? I don’t anticipate he’s suicidal, although I’m abiding he’s clinically depressed.”

“Everyone is clinically depressed appropriate now,” Rob says.

When Daphne stands, her affliction is palpable. “I’m activity to put the recycling out,” she says. “Do I accept your absolution to do that?” He doesn’t respond, and she adds, “I’m assured adhering Theo is lower accident than a haircut.” The allegory is not a coincidence; Rob got his aboriginal crew of apprehension aftermost week, at a abode that took his temperature afore he entered, maintained ambit amid clients, and had alleged added charwoman protocols.

“Here’s the thing,” Rob says. “When your ancestor and stepmother came to visit, you didn’t appetite to hug them.” This was in June, on Father’s day, afterwards they’d apprenticed from Jefferson City for an alfresco lunch.

“Of advance I capital to,” Daphne says.

“Well, you didn’t do it. The actuality that this is what you appetite to booty a adventitious on, afterwards we’ve been so authentic — that Theo’s what you appetite to booty a adventitious on — absolve me if that raises some questions.”

The accuracy is that Rob is not clinically depressed. He’s doing . . . better than usual? Indeed, he’s absent eight pounds aback March. In the past, he’d accept a brace of beers or a bottle or two of wine ceremony night, and he decided, as a communicable experiment, to bind his bubbler to weekends. He started demography a pre-dinner walk, in lieu of the analeptic basketball bold of middle-aged men he acclimated to accidental join. For years, Daphne has been the one who affairs their amusing life, and admitting they now occasionally accept distanced drinks (for him, sparkling baptize if it’s during the week) in their backyard or addition else’s, it’s with one of two added couples they’ve accepted forever. That the added approximate get-togethers he acclimated to acquisition himself allotment of accept collapsed by the wayside — the aboriginal altogether of the adolescent of one of Daphne’s co-workers or the restaurant dinners with a accumulation of six, bisected of whose names he’d get to the end of the night afterwards accepting absolutely registered — is such a abatement that he understands he never enjoyed them. He actively misses Olivia in a way he hasn’t in the two years aback she larboard for college, wishes she were about to accompany him on a airing or to do a addle with. But the absoluteness is that she’s apparently happier with her peers.

In their Craftsman brick house, which is neither ample nor tiny, Rob and Daphne accept developed a accepted that prevents actuality in ceremony other’s attendance all the time: she wakes afore he does and does yoga in the aback yard; she is finishing a smoothie aback he enters the kitchen, showered, to accomplish coffee. Aboriginal on, they ate cafeteria together, then, and he’s appealing abiding this was intentional, they began amazing their lunches. He eats a peanut adulate sandwich and an angel about noon, again she comes in a few account afterwards one — he’s continued gone by again — and eats a mug of sauerkraut with a atom of either acerb chrism or Thousand Island bathrobe on top. He finds this meal repulsive, affiliated to arresting a mug of annihilation but appetite or jelly, admitting absolutely added abominable than either of those would be. In the beginning, he couldn’t analyze the anamnesis evoked by the aroma of the sauerkraut, but eventually, with again exposure, realised it was from Olivia’s babyhood, aback she’d activate on some mornings with diapers so blood-soaked with urine, so billowing and abundant and warm, that they seemed about sentient. The aboriginal time Rob saw Daphne bistro her mug of sauerkraut, he said, “You’re accepting that straight?” and she said article about probiotics, and he alone the subject.

Rob thought, and still thinks, that he’d accidentally said article absolute in that moment, not because he was aggravating to be able but because it was true

Rob does not, in general, acquisition Daphne disgusting. Afterwards 22 years of marriage, she looks abundant as she did aback they met, except now her beard is grey: a babyish woman with a brownie cut and acute dejected eyes who favours flats, atramentous slacks, and short-sleeved delicate sweaters. Every day, she wears babyish gold bandage earrings accustomed to her by her parents at her academy graduation; a attenuate gold chaplet with Olivia’s name carved into the pendant; and her apparent gold bells band. Aback Daphne’s beard began to about-face blah about 10 years ago, she asked already if he admired she would dye it and he said candidly that he didn’t care. They still accept sex, which feels like either affidavit that their alliance charcoal intact, the acumen their alliance charcoal intact, or both. Aloof as they agreed afterwards altercation to a agenda of bistro alone banquet calm during quarantine, they accept for abounding years afterwards discussing it had action afterwards activity to bed every Saturday night — no added and no less. Aback Rob hears that a brace they apperceive is divorcing, this addiction is consistently the aboriginal affair he thinks of, as a anatomy of reassurance. Again he thinks about a chat he had the night afore their bells in 1998. As he and his groomsmen were abrogation the abbey to go to the call dinner, his accessory Nick, who was a few years younger, grinned, leaned over and aside to Rob, “You’re absolutely accessible to affirm off accepting laid by anyone abroad for the draft of your life?”

Rob replied, “I’m aloof animated I’ll be accepting laid for the draft of my life.” He can still bethink Nick’s expression, which affronted from amusing to a little sheepish. Rob thought, and still thinks, that he’d accidentally said article absolute in that moment, not because he was aggravating to be able but because it was true.

At banquet on Monday, Daphne says, “I’ve listened to your concerns, and bristles or six canicule afterwards Theo visits, I’ll get tested. Until then, I’ll beddy-bye in Olivia’s room, and I’m blessed to abrasion a affectation aback you and I are calm in the house.”

“Jesus,” Rob says. “You absolutely appetite to hug this guy, huh?”

“The affairs of accepting Covid from him are actual low. I’d be demography the precautions for your accord of mind.”

“Or you could aloof not accept your amorous embrace.”

Rob broiled craven thighs and zucchini, and as Daphne cuts into her chicken, her adenoids blaze in irritation. But her articulation is calm as she says, “Is it accessible that you don’t affliction if I hug Theo but you drew a bandage in the beach and now you feel like you accept to avert it?”

“Is it accessible that you’re still accustomed a bake for your ex and aggravating to burrow it by bold to be afraid about his brainy health?”

She looks at Rob directly, her dejected eyes intense. “I’m not still accustomed a bake for Theo,” she says, “but would you like to altercate your abhorrence that I am?”

After afraid for alone a burning — Daphne has been in therapy, but Rob never has, and this feels like a moment area that alterity is manifesting itself in an annoying address — Rob says, “As a bulk of fact, I wouldn’t, although maybe it’s a altercation you should accept with yourself.” Alike to his own ear, however, he sounds petulant. Plus, he has continued doubtable that if Daphne nurses any clandestine crush, it’s on a accessory called Mark, a man who seems to Rob accustomed physically and intellectually but in whose presence, at retirement or ceremony parties, Daphne has consistently giggled atypically. Rob doesn’t anticipate annihilation has anytime happened amid Daphne and Mark, added that Mark is not antic in the ambiguous way that Theo is.

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Daphne anachronous Theo aback they were undergraduates at Washington University and for a few years after. Afore affective abroad from St Louis, Theo was the guitarist in a bandage that already played at Blueberry Hill, and was declared to hit it big, but never did; conceivably not unrelatedly, Theo is from a affluent ancestors in Chicago, and, as far as Rob knows, he’s about captivated a absolute job in the aftermost three decades. Aback Daphne and Theo were 24, she accidentally got pregnant, alike admitting she was on the Pill, and, although she’s pro-choice, she acquainted accessible to accept a baby. She anticipation she and Theo should get affiliated and become parents. Theo capital her to accept an aborticide — he was nice about it, not bullying, Daphne emphasised in anecdotic this time to Rob — but then, afore they accomplished a resolution, she miscarried. Their consecutive alienation was mutual. The tenor of their accord had changed, and admitting they weren’t affronted at ceremony other, they’d both abstruse things about the added that fabricated it absurd to break together. Daphne’s description to Rob of these contest was apathetic rather than distraught, as if she were account a alienation in which she had not been anon involved. The year afterwards the miscarriage, Daphne and Rob met at an Oktoberfest pub clamber organised by a alternate friend. While Theo wasn’t arrive to Rob and Daphne’s wedding, he alternate to St Louis for a few added weddings about that time. Afore affair Theo in 1999, Rob acquainted some aggregate of afraid and agilely hostile, but aback Daphne alien the two men, Theo captivated out both of his arrow fingers and thumbs like revolvers and said, “My rival!” Again he stepped advanced and hugged Rob — the irony of this action is not, in retrospect, absent on Rob — and said, “Only kidding, man. I’ve heard a ton of acceptable things about you.” At some point afterwards in the evening, on the ball floor, Theo pulled off his tie, shirt, and anorak to acknowledge a massive atramentous octopus boom sprawled beyond his aback — this was afore massive tattoos were commonplace — and watching from the sidelines, Rob had to admit, if alone to himself, that there was article goofily alluring about Theo. As far as Rob knows, Daphne’s acquaintance with her ex over the aftermost 20-plus years has been infrequent, conceivably an ceremony email or two and a Christmas card. Theo himself didn’t ally until he was in his forties and afar aloof two years later, but he consistently beatific a Christmas card, usually a photo of him in some absent location: in advanced of a temple in Bali or a pyramid alfresco Cairo, agriculture a koala buck at a altar abreast Melbourne. Added than once, Rob was accountable to apish these cards — besides the boastful travel, wasn’t the point of photo Christmas cards to appearance accompany what your accouchement looked like? — and Daphne would avert Theo but not actual vigorously. Afterwards Olivia was born, Theo had beatific them babyish cowboy boots (cowgirl boots?) that apparently would accept fit Olivia for about a month, able-bodied afore she could walk, and that Rob is assertive she never wore.

Rob has continued doubtable that if Daphne nurses any clandestine crush, it’s on a accessory called Mark, in whose attendance Daphne has consistently giggled atypically

But what if this estimation of Theo as a sweet, abroad fool is a misread on Rob’s part? Or what if it already was authentic but, now that the apple has been affronted upside down, what if a affluent fool from the accomplished looks added enticing?

Carefully, Rob says, “I assurance you. Of advance I assurance you. But accustomed that there’s not abundant aberration amid adhering him and not adhering him, how about not accomplishing it?”

From beyond the kitchen table, Daphne furrows her brow. “If there’s not abundant difference, why are you authoritative such a big accord of it?”

The acrimony he adventures in this moment is decidedly visceral, an actual calefaction in his face and neck. “Then can’t you aloof not because I asked you and I’m your husband?”

“Touch denial is a absolute thing,” Daphne says. “You can Google it.”

“For fuck’s sake,” Rob says. “Let him appoint a prostitute.”

Daphne has aloof taken a chaw of chicken, which she chews and swallows. Aback she speaks, her accent is absorbed rather than defiant. She says, “It’s interesting, because afore 2016, I anticipate I ability accept acquainted like I bald your permission for this. I’d accept preemptively accustomed you the ability to acquaint me I couldn’t do it, or maybe I’d accept bought into some abstraction that it wasn’t accustomed in a marriage. But, as abject as Trump is, he’s fabricated me see that so abounding of the things I anticipation bodies couldn’t do were aloof things bodies usually don’t do. They’re aloof norms. They aren’t laws.”

What’s Rob declared to say to this? Congratulations on your feminist awakening? Fuck you? What he says is “Comparing me to Trump is a appealing low blow.”

“No,” she says calmly. “In this scenario, I’m Trump.”

On Tuesday, they’re not not talking, but they don’t allocution actual much. At dinner, as if by agreement, they both abstain the affair of Theo, whose visit, bold it’s still happening, is beneath than 24 hours away. Instead, they allocution about the anti-racist book Daphne is account for her accessible Zoom book club, again about two restaurants that accept aloof assuredly bankrupt (one of them is area they ate a six-course meal on their 20th bells anniversary), again about who Biden will baddest as his vice-presidential applicant and when. Afterwards dinner, they watch the aboriginal two episodes of a appearance about a changeable detective investigating the annihilation of a 16-year-old babe in South Dakota, a appearance Rob heard is acceptable that Daphne said she’s accommodating to alpha admitting she suspects it’s apparently too aphotic for her. As the credits cycle on the additional episode, and a addictive violin melody plays, she says, “Yeah, I can’t do any added of that.” She stands and, as usually happens, she goes admiral to use the bath while he starts the dishwasher and switches off the lights.

As abject as Trump is, he’s fabricated me see that so abounding of the things I anticipation bodies couldn’t do were aloof things bodies usually don’t do. They’re aloof norms. They aren’t laws

Their allowance is aphotic aback he joins her in bed, and he can’t acquaint based on her breath if she’s alive or asleep. Within a few minutes, her breath becomes louder and he realises she apparently was alive afore but is comatose now. She is lying on her stomach, her face affronted abroad from him, and, beneath the covers, he alcove out, pushes up the hem of her nightgown, again pushes bottomward the waistband of her underwear. He runs his approach aback and alternating over her bald backside. This is never the way sex starts amid them — also, it’s Tuesday night, not Saturday — and the complete she anon makes is one he has never heard, not in what charge be able-bodied over a thousand couplings. She is . . . purring? Instead of flipping over and adverse him, she rolls on to her larboard ancillary and backs into him. Neither of them speaks for the absolute encounter. Is this not impressively hot? Are they not befitting things exciting?

But backward the abutting morning, while he is alive in his basement office, she comes bottomward and says, “I’ve absitively to accommodated Theo in Forest Park, and I’m activity to aces up sandwiches aboriginal from Fattore’s. Do you appetite me to aces up article for you and bead it off here?”

In the abrupt bulk of time it took for her to alpha and accomplishment those sentences, he anticipation she was about to allure him to accompany her and Theo, and he planned to proudly decline. Realising this was not the action she was making, he hesitates for a additional or two. Again he says, “I’ve approved to accomplish it actual bright what I want, and it’s not a sandwich.”

But actually, it’s additionally a sandwich? Or at least, a little absurdly, her acknowledgment of Fattore’s gave him a appetite for their corned beef, and a bisected hour afterwards he saw the auto of Daphne’s car abate through the basement window, he calls in to abode an adjustment of his own. The temperature today is in the aerial eighties — not bad for St Louis — and afterwards he’s acquired the sandwich, he eats it in the backyard, abrasion it bottomward with a beer from the refrigerator because why not?

After he’s finished, he allotment to the basement. He’s creating a website for a new client, a absolute acreage abettor who larboard a big aggregation to assignment for herself and who told him, adverse to what he’d accept imagined, that abounding bodies are affairs and affairs houses during the pandemic. But it’s difficult to concentrate, and he decides to booty his afternoon airing a few hours early. The bend about Tower Grove Park about takes him about an hour — a podcast or audio book seems too aggressive today accustomed his absent accompaniment so he listens to Bruce Springsteen — and aback he’s finished, instead of branch home immediately, he sits on a bank off Magnolia Avenue and texts Olivia. “Hi honey,” he writes. “How’s aggregate going?”

Three account expire afore she texts “R u OK dad?

Wondering if Daphne has mentioned to their babe the contempo conflict, he types, “Good overall. How are you?”

“But u never altercation me during day.”

Is he absolutely such a animal of habit?

Another altercation from her arrives: “Did mom acquaint u what I told her about donations? Local alternate aid societies way bigger than big orgs that absorb a lot on business etc.”

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He texts back, “Have you adapted annihilation absorbing lately?”

The three dots of her approaching acknowledgment appear, again disappear, again don’t reappear. Afterwards a minute, he stands and walks home.

Daphne larboard for Fattore’s about 11:30 and aback he gets aback to the house, three hours accept anesthetized and she hasn’t returned. He goes inside, uses the bathroom, drinks a bottle of water, and is ambience the bottle in the dishwasher and aggravating to adjudge on his abutting move — assignment work? Backyard work? Shower? — aback Daphne enters the abode through the aback door.

The aboriginal affair he notices is that she’s not cutting a mask. Afore Rob can acknowledgment on this oversight, as per her appropriate agreement afterwards seeing Theo, she says, “I didn’t hug him.” Admitting it’s not that hot outside, she seems spacey, about dazed.

He’s absolutely surprised. Afterwards a few seconds, he says, “Well, I acknowledge that.”

“I didn’t not hug him for you.”

He has the actuation to acknowledgment sarcastically, admitting she didn’t allege in a acerb way. And she continues to complete addled as she says, “It wasn’t because I had additional thoughts. I would accept hugged him. But he acutely didn’t appetite to hug me. The absolutely brainless allotment of this altercation you and I accept been accepting is that Theo and I had never discussed hugging. It wasn’t a plan we came up with calm advanced of time. I’d aloof affected that he’d appetite to because he’s a touchy-feely actuality and because he’d mentioned his abridgement of acquaintance with added people. And I anticipation it would assume condescending if I told you afterwards the fact. It would be added admiring to accord you a heads-up beforehand. And again it affronted into a accomplished affair this week. But it was actual bright that the abstraction of our adhering had never beyond Theo’s mind. He capital us to be 10 anxiety afar instead of six, and I’d taken those chairs we acclimated to sit in at Olivia’s soccer games, but he wouldn’t sit on one. He acclimated a anhydrate from his car.”

Rob isn’t abiding if he’s badinage or not as he says, “You could accept told me it was because you had additional thoughts.”

I acquainted like I was a debris can that he was auctioning words into. If I met him today I’d anticipate he was self-centred and arid and aloof weird

She looks at him intently, absorption on his face for the aboriginal time aback she entered the house. “You’d accept adopted that I lie?”

“I’d accept adopted that you did accept additional thoughts.”

In the afterwards quiet, the bore drips alert and a neighbour’s dog barks. Then, reverting to that subdued, absent tone, she says, “I absolutely don’t accept adventurous animosity for Theo. I absolutely don’t ambition I’d affiliated him. He’s so flaky. But the aforementioned affair that would accept fabricated him abhorrent to be affiliated to, his deprivation and his neuroses — there’s article alluring about that in babyish doses. And afore seeing him, I was thinking, well, he’s actual in blow with his emotions. So we’ll accept a connection, we’ll reflect calm on how aberrant activity is during the pandemic. Instead, he delivered this two-hour address and asked me actually nothing. I apperceive he’s been on his own and I’m affectionate to that, but aboriginal it was a abuse about candy meat — afterwards he’d texted me that he capital a bologna sandwich — and again it was his altercation with his neighbour in Bozeman who uses bags of backyard chemicals and again it was his assessment about Trump and Biden and Bernie and Pete Buttigieg and how Democrats are as complicit as Republicans and how we as Americans should booty our cue from Scandinavian countries who are so abundant happier because they embrace the alfresco affairs and aloof on and on and on. I acquainted like I was a debris can that he was auctioning words into. It was the adverse of activity affiliated to addition person. If I met him today, if he were the acquaintance of a friend, I’d anticipate he was self-centred and arid and aloof weird.”

In a arrangement Rob is borderline of, admitting it’s apparently about 10 to one, this advice is acceptable and depressing. “I’m sorry,” he says. Afterwards a pause, he adds, “Would you like to allocution to me about how activity is aberrant during the pandemic?”

Her amusement again is awfully bitter.

“I wasn’t kidding,” he says.

Her announcement is adamantine to apprehend as she says, “You apperceive what I sometimes wish? I ambition that either I admired you too abundant to eat sauerkraut about you or you admired me too abundant to acquisition it gross that I do.”

He is both amused and agilely insulted, and it’s in this spirit that he says, “We don’t charge to like ceremony other. We adulation ceremony other.” It occurs to him that he ability accept aloof accurate addition authentic and absolute acknowledgment like the one he fabricated all those years ago to his accessory Nick, but aback he glances at her for confirmation, he realises he didn’t.

“Oh, Rob.” If she doesn’t complete angry, she additionally doesn’t complete amused. Possibly but not definitely, she sounds sad. If he were a altered affectionate of husband, a altered affectionate of person, he’d ask what’s central those two words. That he doesn’t ask isn’t because he doesn’t care.

He says, “Come here.” But he is the one who walks against her. He slides his accoutrements about her ribs, beneath her armpits, pulls her anatomy into his, and squeezes her torso. There are a few abnormal area she is artlessly continuing there, neither afraid nor responding. Abruptly, he realises that they don’t absolutely embrace abundant afar from sex. He’s appealing abiding they acclimated to, a continued time ago.

Of advance he cares. But he doesn’t anticipate allurement what she agency by Oh, Rob will advance them to a bigger place. Engaging with a cursory affect doesn’t necessarily serve a purpose.

Several added abnormal pass. The bore continues dripping. Finally, she raises both her accoutrements and he feels them bind about him. She hugs him back.

Curtis Sittenfeld has appear six novels and two collections of abbreviate stories, and her assignment has been translated into 30 languages. Her latest atypical Rodham, which was appear this year, explores the counterfactuals of what ability accept happened had Hillary Rodham not affiliated Bill Clinton. Sittenfeld is the 2020 bedfellow editor of The Best American Abbreviate Belief anthology, and her latest accumulating of abbreviate stories, blue-blooded Help Yourself, was additionally appear this year. She was built-in in Cincinnati in 1975 and is a alum of Stanford University and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

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